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Gracie Initiative Fundraiser for the ISSR Shiloh Shepherd


The ISSR Shiloh Shepherd Breeders are facilitating a fundraiser to obtain additional Holter Monitors to monitor Shiloh puppies in an effort to insure that future generations of Shiloh Shepherds are free from a lethal cardiac disease known as GSDIVA. The fundraiser will also help support any necropsies on Shilohs that would help us learn more about this devastating disease.

Under a program supported and sponsored by the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America (the parent club of the ISSR), the Gracie Initiative was enacted to help eradicate this disease from Shiloh Shepherds. Gracie was an 8 month old golden sable Shiloh Shepherd puppy who died in her sleep from GSDIVA.

German Shepherd Dog Inherited Ventricular Arrhythmia (GSDVIA) is a genetic disorder that causes arrhythmia (abnormal beats) in the heart. GSDIVA carries few signs and symptoms before sudden cardiac death that can occur in puppies under two years of age. Most puppies with this disease have mild arrhythmia that they will outgrow without consequence or any outward sign. These dogs, however, can pass a severe form onto their offspring. Because most affected dogs do not show symptoms, the only reliable way to diagnose GSDIVA is to perform a cardiac test known as Holter Monitoring. The puppy is fitted with a vest that holds a small monitor that records the electrical activity of the heart for a 24 hour period. The 24 hour data is then transmitted to a medical company that interprets the information and sends the results back to the owner and/or breeder. If a dog is GSDIVA positive, he is monitored by a veterinarian and removed from the breeding program.

We are asking that if you or anyone you know, find it within your hearts to donate to our cause, please do so today. With the funds donated, we will purchase Holter monitors and materials to be able to test as many Shiloh Shepherd puppies as possible. And, should a Shiloh die from cardiac arrhythmia because we could not identify it early enough, we will use the funding to help pay for a necropsy which will help us learn more about this horrific disease. Please feel free to add this link to your Facebook pages to get the word out and help us in our urgent effort.

A PayPal account has been set up to take the donations: Make a DONATION

For every $100 donation made, the donor will receive a stuffed Shiloh Shepherd puppy, named "J".


For every $500 donation made, the donor will receive a hardcover limited edition copy of "The Shiloh Shepherd Story: Against the Wind - A Breed is Born". An inspiring read, detailing how Tina Barber, the breed founder, created this ultimate companion, the Shiloh Shepherd.